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Rebate Administration Services
Confused on how to fill out Utility rebate applications?

Don't worry! We've got you covered! 

Are you doing a project that saves energy? 

Did you know most utilities offer rebates to help offset those projects? If you’re not familiar with them you need to be! Otherwise you might be leaving budget dollars sitting on the table up for grabs! 

Ok now you know your utility has a program but you’ve just opened up the 90-page document and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed? Let Energy Efficiency Resources (EER) take your worries away!

EER has helped clients get millions in rebate dollars over the years! Wouldn’t you like to get some of that back to help your budget? EER will review any project to see what it entails, check what potential rebate would be available for you to get based on the project, and lastly look to see if you have any other rebates you might be missing out on! 

After that we would fill out any pre-application information, work with you to confirm the project is completed, get any supporting documentation the utility program requires and then send in the final application! 

Ready to take next steps? 

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