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LED Lighting Retrofits from Energy Efficiency Resources
May 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Energy Efficiency Resources

Have you been discussing an LED retrofit for your business facility or property? Wondering where to start? If so, we have all of the LED products you may need at wholesale prices. Our clients know that our team at Energy Efficiency Resources will work hard to make their lighting updates a fast and easy process that saves money on operating costs from day one.

Here’s a primer on getting your facility up to date with modern lighting from Energy Efficiency Resources.


Keeping your building at a comfortable temperature year-round is essential. In order to do this, you need a reliable and well-maintained HVAC system. We have everything you need to upgrade or replace your existing system with a modern and reliable unit.

We offer superior boilers like the Creek SD and Creek XL, Braeburn WiFi Thermostats, and Timkin Belts. Our thermostats give you precision control over your entire HVAC unit, and our boilers help to ensure that you get the maximum efficiency possible each time you run them. We'll come to your location, set up your HVAC system, and give you everything you need to maximize your energy savings.

LED Lighting

Making the switch and deciding to do a LED lighting retrofit in your business or building is a huge leap in making it more energy efficient. At Energy Efficient Resources, we work hard to be the wholesale supplier that has the products and resources you need to complete the process. We bring several reputable brands together in one convenient place. With us, you're able to get: 

  • Greenlite- Greenlite specializes in providing high-quality energy efficient lighting solutions at a lower cost. They're one of North America's biggest energy-efficient lighting companies and they have a huge line of exclusive lighting products available.
  • Earthtronics- Since 2007, Earthtronics has been providing customers with over 20 different LED lighting lines. Whether you need linear, UFO, strips and wraps, or color changing panels, you can get it from Earthronics with Energy Efficient Resources' wholesale pricing.
  • Green Creative - With six different LED lighting styles and a reputation for delivering quality LED product, Green Creative has a solid reputation. You can get surface downlighting, recessed downlighting, commercial downlighting, linear, track, or high bay LED lighting.
  • CPS LED- For both indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions, look no further than CPS LED's exclusive products. You get the choice of 16 different LED light styles and sizes, and we offer cost-effective pricing that allows you to retrofit your entire building with LEDs.
  • Litetronics - Litetronics brings over 50 years of experience to the LED lighting field, and they offer a huge variety of products including retrofits, emergency battery backup, luminaries, LED lamps, CCFL lamps, HID, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lights.
  • Nicor - Offering 12 different LED lighting styles that feature both indoor and outdoor designs, Nicor simplifies the lighting process with cost-effective solutions. 

Light Up Your Path To Savings

If your business has old or outdated lighting, you're wasting precious money due to inefficiency. Illuminate your business with an LED retrofit from Energy Efficiency Services. Get in touchwith our friendly team and we can walk you through the process, including a free quote for your next project.