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FAQs from Energy Efficiency Resources
June 17, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Energy Efficiency Resources

At Energy Efficiency Resources, we help home and business owners live a more energy efficient lifestyle. As a business, we recognize that being energy efficient comes with financial benefits. Whether you’re interested in saving money or you want to become more eco-friendly, we’re here to answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Do you provide energy efficient boilers?

Yes, we offer two different energy efficient boilers: Creek SD and Creek XL. Both boilers are condensers that provide hot water. While maintaining a high water volume, their emissions are low. Thanks to their industry-leading water volume, these boilers are available for a range of plant applications.

Can I take an energy-friendly approach to heating my home?

At Energy Efficient Resources, we supply WiFi controlled thermostats that you can use to heat your home or business efficiently. As these thermostats are WiFi controlled, you can adjust them using your smartphone. This allows you to control when your HVAC or heating starts working, preventing you from using wasteful timers that may use unnecessary energy each day.

What makes your boiler plant controls different?

At Energy Efficient Resources, we use boiler plant controls that operate with patented Flow Intelligence. These controls build an accurate picture of your building loads, outdoor air, and air flow through your system. Using the data they receive, our boiler plant controls only replace energy when necessary rather than guessing at when they need to do so. As a result, you waste less energy and your boiler parts last longer.

Does Energy Efficient Resources help with energy rebates?

Energy rebates can be time-consuming as you'll likely need to pour through a 90-page document to understand what your utility program wants. Fortunately, we’re familiar with most of the utility programs out there. As a result, we’re able to handle the administrative work for you and complete your energy rebate paperwork. Throughout our years in business, we’ve helped customers gain millions of dollars in energy rebates. If you’re ready to re-allocate funds to your budget, let us help you take advantage of the rebates you're entitled to.

What lighting solutions do you offer?

At Energy Efficient Resources, we know that the days of inefficient incandescent bulbs are long gone. Instead, we offer a range of LED and luminaire products, including:

  • Greenlite
  • Earthtronics
  • Green Creative Luminaires
  • CPS LED Lighting
  • Lite Tronics
  • Nicro LED

We only ever work with lighting solution providers who have an established reputation in delivering eco-friendly products. As such, when you choose one of the items we stock, you know you’re choosing something that’ll help you save money and have a positive impact on the environment.

How can you help me save water?

Did you know that toilets waste 3.6 gallons per water flush? That’s a lot of water that goes toward helping you use the toilet. We recognize that this is an issue for a lot of homes and businesses, which is why we provide efficient single flush toilets to our customers. In addition to reducing the amount of water you use with each flush, single flush toilets prevent leaks. As such, you’re less likely to waste water in more ways than one.

How are eco-friendly solutions beneficial for my business?

As a business owner, you can save money with every eco-friendly solution you introduce. When you’re able to reduce your gas, electricity, and water bills, you’re able to redistribute that money elsewhere. Additionally, many consumers now prefer using green businesses. Because of this, you can use your eco-friendly approach as a marketing tool.

If you’d like to learn more about the products we sell and the services we offer, call 1-833-NOWDialEER.